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Kitson and Kirk

This week has been pretty good so far. I say pretty good, I mean on the one hand I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve had some great experiences and seen some great work, but at the same time and perhaps paradoxically as a direct result of those very same great experiences I have felt an overwhelming sense of underachievement and laziness. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing and seeing…

Daniel Kitson – After The Beginning, Before The End

I see good stand up quite regularly, four star stand up, where you laugh lots and you have a sense that you’ve had an enjoyable evening. This show, much like the last one I saw of his goes far beyond that, far beyond anything that John Bishop, Jimmy Carr or any of the other well-known comedians achieve. This show examined sweeping ideas, ideas of who we are, what life means, ideas that are epic in scope yet which were communicated in a personal way, an intimate way, a poignant way. I laughed all the way through, there is no denying Kitson’s comic ability, but what makes him special is that each show makes me reevaluate what I’m doing and want to do better – the last show about small steps persuaded me to try standup and take a show on tour, this show may have a similar effect. Outstanding – this is comedy as high art (i sound like a wanker writing that – fuck it, it’s my blog, you chose to read this, your loss). Coincidentally as a side note, I have googled myself and my pic is on page 1 row 2, and if DK happens to read this then do comment and say hello and let me know where a good coffee shop in London is as I can never find one which has good wifi, is comfortable and not full of dicks – the best I’ve found is near Angel, something Market, which also sells Jazz CDs.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I hate to admit it but i’ve always been a trekkie. And being a trekkie used to be very very uncool. I would never have admitted it to anyone until recently. The new series of films are ace, balancing comedy, action, poignancy and tragedy with more callbacks to the past films than PPI insurance claims call centres. It’s a clever weaving plot, the development of character feels well managed and not too quick, it feels like there is potential to grow up with the characters over a series of films, and the 3D is worth it, adds a nice depth that adds rather than incessantly pisses you off. Oh and Benedict Cumberback (is that how you spell it) is great and Simon Pegg is good!


I’ve started jogging. Hurts like shit. I’m very unfit. Thought you should know.
I’m a hero.




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