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The TEN types of open acts…

I wanted to share my views on the different types of people I’ve experienced as an open act doing comedy this past year and a half… This is just my personal experience, so please don’t be offended if yours has not been the same. So here goes, STRAP IN.

  1. The dedicated dreamer who’s taken a risk doing something 99.99% of the population wouldn’t dare – they live for comedy, think about it all the time, try to make themselves and their act better – they love being part of a comedy community (even one that occasionally can nip at them) and making new acquaintances who may become friends – they love the thrill of the gig, of standing on stage, of making an audience laugh and feeling like a million dollars – when things go wrong they have fury but this drives them forward – when someone they know starts to make it and deep down they know they deserve it they are supportive. They have spend too much time in service stations at 2am but had a laugh while there. They have been cramped in the world’s smallest car for 3 hours +. They have stood in front of audiences in single figures and had their character built and looked for positives. They are creative, interesting, genuine people who I love being around.
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And that’s why I love doing comedy, being around comedians and being part of that 0.01%.

Night x