My name's Sam Freeman and I'm a professional arts marketeer as well as an occasional writer, director, storyteller and stand up comedian.

In 2001 I started working as an Usher at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. In 2003 I moved to York and was part of York Theatre Royal's front of house, box office and then marketing teams, developing my skills and working on productions. In 2009 I was co-Artistic Director of York's inaugural TakeOver Festival before moving to Liverpool to become Marketing Manager of Unity Theatre. After six years at Unity which included rebranding, new websites, directing and, on one occasion, performing, I moved to Wales' Theatr Clwyd as Director of Marketing & Communications.

In theatre I've written three and directed six  shows while my wildly unsuccessful comedy career peaked in 2015 being booed off in the final of a competition. Since that raucous night I've performed two solo shows to a cumulative audience of 32 people, gigged with Gary Delaney, Tom Stade and Tudur Owen and currently run Theatr Clwyd's Comedy Club successfully and Chester's Commo Comedy Club much less so.

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Gig #1 – Commo Comedy (MC)

Firstly this isn't my first gig. Every year I make new year's resolutions that are big objectives to achieve over…
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Resolutions 2020

It's that time again, when everyone insists they're becoming vegan, joining the gym and never drinking again shortly before, two…
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Thank You For Your Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for getting in touch to tell me how outraged/disappointed/angered (delete as applicable) you are because we…
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All my controversial thoughts about how to run theatre right. Not wrong. Like you might do it. Yeah you.

So, here it is, strap in, I've got some truth bombs to release, I'm going to let rip, welcome to…
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All the things that make me cry.

Things that make me cry or weepy (updated list): Babies being born and handed to sobbing fathers/mothers/relativesOutstanding sporting achievement against…
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How To Annoy Everyone In Arts Marketing (or, Arts Marketing’s Technical Problem)

I got back from this year's Arts Marketing Association conference feeling quite pleased with myself - this is unusual -…
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AMA Conference 2019 – Day #2

e train back from the AMA Conference after a really useful few days with some space to think, ponder and…
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AMA Conference 2019 – Day #1

Ever since I came to my first AMA Conference (in Newcastle the last time round!) I've always written up my…
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