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    Follow me by clicking here or, if you want to ask me something then tweet @mrfreeman1984 – I’ll generally reply within 24 hours, usually quicker if it’s something interesting.
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    If it’s a more business based thing (i.e. Theatre Marketing) – then this is good, it also has my CV on it – click here.
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    If you want to e-mail me then darklaughs(at) will come through to me – but honestly, just tweet me, it’s quicker and easier.
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Sam Freeman’s Mailing List

Hey There! 

This is where you can subscribe to my newsletter and stay updated with everything I do. Quite what everything means at this point is rather up for debate. I’m eating a cheese sandwich as I write this, I wouldn’t expect cheese sandwich updates to play a major role. It’ll probably be more pleading e-mails suggesting you see something I’ve made. Then again, should my productivity fall substantially, then this may also be the cheese sandwich hotline that the world has been desperately waiting for. 

Thanks, Sam x

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