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A new show for 2021

I’m currently having a week off from my “proper job” of Arts Marketing after a Christmas doing online support for digital shows. The online support was eye-opening, I don’t think I’ll get annoyed with people replying slowly over support when I need help ever again, I mean, don’t get me wrong 99.9% of the people I helped were absolute dreamboats, but the 0.01% who monosyllabically told me that I’d let them down because I didn’t know how to get their iphone 3G to connect to a 2015 LG Smart TV were, at times, trying.

Anyway, that’s not what this blog post is about. I’m off for a week so am dicking around making a thing. Basically I wrote a storytelling thing in 2020 and was encouraged to put it on its feet. Now I’ve done that but, of course, cannot show it to anyone. So I did a quick recording.

A few caveats about this…

  • It’s the second time I’ve performed the full thing and I trip over words fairly frequently… The thing that’s under the desk lamp is an old tape player btw…
  • It’s also REALLY COLD in the theatre so rather than be wearing a red check shirt, I’m wearing a thermal jumper.
  • The sound is pretty poor on the recording – it’s not direct lines into the camera but instead 2 x directional condenser mics about 12 foot away from me.
  • Obviously there’s no audience. Literally it’s just me, pretending in a black box theatre. It’s crushing.
  • Finally, it’s a work-in-progress – this was to see if it’s any good. I still can’t quite decide.
  • Oh, and it’s too long by about 10 mins I think. It’s 90 minutes. So yep. long. I think it’s too long for practical reasons really, it’s quite hard keeping up dynamism and energy over that amount of time.
  • And finally – it’s worth saying that I’m very lucky to have access to a space to make shit up in. I’m also lucky that our LX team furnished me with kit – kit that I will return in pristine condition with the cables coiled correctly, not like how I did them during the ‘Mold Riots incident.’