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Audience Agency – Digital Marketing Workshop

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Today I attended an Audience Agency workshop at FACT (great biscuits) on Digital Marketing particularly looking at facebook, twitter and adwords ROI. Here are my notes!


  • Paid ads is to supplement organic viewing of page posts – generally sales posts are viewed organically less.
  • Boosted posts – not most effective way of setting up an advert (not objective led),
  • High quality creative is very important (don’t be boring)
  • Power Editor – better for people setting up multiple ads.
  • Ads linked to specific dates: e.g. father’s day, easter etc…
  • Specific Location Targeted Ads – E.g.
    • Geographical Area = Aigburth / Runcorn / Allerton =  “Reach people near your venue”
    • Events = could be worthwhile, needs to be tracked…
    • Targeting can be very specific using the ads = particularly for parents & niche groups
  • Facebook offers – Unity tried it a while ago and it was tricky as content is key as is offer, perhaps there’s an element to which if something is unpopular/not selling to an extent where off there’s more value in letting it die?

Strategy idea #1



Strategy idea #2



  • Interesting to look at non-sales content versus sales content – to what extend must marketeers reinvent themselves as content generators rather than advertisers? Are the mad men dead? Or Deadish?
  • Maybe remove Right Column ads? Newsfeed ads are most effective to increase ROI of adverts and views (applies more to impressions).
  • Definately need to check Goals and facebook/analytics links
  • Add URL Builder to add tags to facebook adverts – campaign tracking to monitor success
    • one tag for fb, twitter, e-mail newsletter etc…
    • Consistency of tagging is very important – to ensure that the reports are clear and accurate.
    • How do we assign values as part of goals income – value of sales as a result of activity.
    • Need to apply campaign tracking to all incoming links
    • Worth creating an excel list of tag titles
  • How do we interact with audiences via creative content rather than through sales pages, in addition, how does this interact with offline media? To what extent is there an importance for offline media and if there is a shift then how does this impact on programming schedules and timelines?
  • To what extent do we think that a major shift in marketing activities will impact sales? Are marketing folk constricted by bravery and fear of an exodus of audience.
  • How do organisations and particularly building interact with digital technology, particularly operationally..
  • How do we make our digital marketing work in a holistic and complimentary way and how do we make process more efficient to enable us to reduce the technical time and increase the creative?
  • Is there a broader question about how marketing departments should be reformatted and constructed to make fit for purpose… Is the title marketing even it…
  • Using lead generation (twitter) is really good for development of e-lists particularly to exclusive content.
  • Twitter – target artist followers?
  • Hal Cruttenden & Glenn Wool on JB’s Comedy Show BBC1

Strategy idea #3



***should probably mention I do freelance work and am looking for an interesting project from September***

  • hideous self promotion there. Although to be fair, I should really be pushing my standup theatre show… back to marketing.
  • Interesting conversation about segmentation models… how do they interact with digital channels?
  • My thoughts…

    Having specific landing pages for digital advertising is much better for getting strong engagement..
    Interesting questions of variables to success. There’s a real extent that digital marketing is about optimising a set of 100s of variables while maintaining a consistency of approach and evaluation across every channel and campaign/marketing source.
    That’s all for today – interesting? drop me a tweet @mrfreeman1984!