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  • Father Of A Boy – Wee in my face

    Father Of A Boy – Wee in my face

    I’m glad I wear glasses for many reasons. They make me look smarter than I actually am, I’ve never been hit in the face while wearing them and, like Clark Kent, when I don’t wear them (and combine them with a clean shave) then I can become entirely unrecognisable. But that’s not the reason that,…

  • Father Of A Boy – Sleep

    Father Of A Boy – Sleep

    We have a baby. I’m tired. But I’m not as tired as my partner. My partner who is getting up in the night to feed and comfort sometimes 8 or 9 times. Sometimes waking me for nappies, sometimes letting my troubled sleep continue. 11pm to 5am is the witching hour – time passes in slow…

  • Father Of A Boy – Birth

    Father Of A Boy – Birth

    I’m now a dad. I’m not really one for big announcements when real life stuff happens to me (it’s different when it’s work), but largely I keep myself to myself. But I thought I’d share this – sometimes you have a life event so huge that, for me, it feels like writing about it helps…