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Sweaty sleeps, starts of plays and moments of panic

It’s just turned midnight as I start to write this post – I can’t sleep you see – not for the usual reasons which are largely combinations of late night coffee, excessive bourbon eating, Fifa 14 and Netflix – no, tonight it’s just shitting hot and getting into bed is incredibly sweaty and sticky. That said sitting here typing a blog post is not exactly delightful – I’m well aware that at this exact moment in time beads of salty watery sweat are dripping down my thighs as I rest my laptop upon them – that wasn’t meant to be sexual, just so you know, and if you thought it was then really? I mean sweaty thighs, deary me no. Anyway so I can’t sleep so I thought I’d write down some thoughts which usually clears my head before going to sleep.

I’m just in the final stages of working on “A Little Bit”, I’d talk about it more but I suspect I’m boring the world stupid with it, certainly there’s a point where you’re looking at electoral reform and you start to lose the will to live – and it’s that sense, that feeling that I hope to bring to a non-paying audience: despair. It’s not the only show I’ve been working on, I started writing a 3 hander script called Opposition about politics (wtf!) which I’m in a mixed mind about, I suspect that to read it’s incredibly childish but that with the right cast and pacing it could be pretty funny. It’s about a female MP plucked from her party to be the new leader of the opposition. It’s set in a contorted reality, with the show revolving around the actress while two others play every other part. If you’d like to read tweet me @mrfreeman1984 and I’ll send you a copy.

I remember today an afternoon spent a couple of years ago now with some of the impropriety gang on an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and thought how much potential was there but that it wasn’t the right group or story at the time. So much in the creative arts I think depends on finding collaborators who understand each other and can relate and communicate. In a way it’s like a band, you find people who find the same beats, understand the rhythm you’re going for and then play around with it.

We’ve entered a brave new world at work – there’s an idea we have for a strategy called 100 tiny steps. It relates to our marketing and it’s about making sure that we constantly seek to improve. The concept is that increasing the % capacity each show plays to cannot be done in one massive go but by refining everything, lots of 0.1% differences will get the increase we need. It’s pretty obvious stuff really and just the angle in approaching it that is relatively unique, both in an arts marketing and theatre marketing strategy. I’m planning to keep writing up bits as I go along so, y’know, watch this space.

I think that’s all I have the energy to write tonight, just a quick update. If you’ve not got tickets for my show then click here, say hi on twitter or facebook if you read this, always interested to see what people think of this blog!

Night all x