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  • Gig #59 – The one where I tried to start incest in the audience.

    So Sam, how was the gig tonight? Well, to be honest both strange and good. Strange and good? Come on, don’t be coy, tell all. Okay, so I did the storytelling set tonight. The one that’s artistically very clever but ultimately a bit of a lazy cop out?

  • 50 Gigs In

    It’s 10 past midnight and I can’t sleep. This I suspect may be for one of two reasons. The first is that I woke up at midday today and as a consequence my body thinks that it’s 9pm, the second is that it is from the adrenaline of doing my fifty third (I think) gig.

  • Gig #13 – The Abbey Inn, Oldham

    Two gigs in a week is really unusual for me – it’s not that I don’t try and find gigs, it’s just I feel uncomfortable trying to sell myself – I don’t like saying I’ve done X, Y or Z gigs unless telling other people how good the gig was… Anyway, this is besides the…