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  • Arts Marketing – Building houses on jelly

    Arts Marketing – Building houses on jelly

    I’ve been looking to see what proactive steps I and the team I’m part of can take while the jelly beneath us solidifies over the coming weeks and months.

  • The Bigger Picture: Using Data In The Arts

    The Bigger Picture: Using Data In The Arts

    ****Please Note: This is unremittingly a blog about theatre marketing, data and being smarter**** How it all started About four months ago I was sat in a meeting at the theatre I work for as conversation bounced round the table. Every now and again a question would be asked or a statement stated – “how…

  • Cats, dogs and why we live.

    Cats, dogs and why we live.

    Firstly, before you read any further, let me drop a couple of truths before you read any more (then you can decide whether I’m going to waste your time or not). This blog post is heavily related to arts marketing and theatre It is also related to the idea of owning a dog (even though…

  • Surviving a seeming arts apocalypse… (part 1)

    It seems not a day passes without further signs in the decline of British Theatre in the regions, from the liquidation of the Byre Theatre in St Andrews to Taunton’s Brewhouse moving into administration it seems clear (in the media at least) that the arts are enduring a torrid time of uncertainty, fear and closure.…

  • Hitting the target – Brochures

    I hadn’t written any particularly niche marketing-centric posts for a while so I thought it was high time to inflict a glazed expression on all your faces, make you wonder where it all went wrong and how life had led you to read this, look around the office and consider whether you can end it…