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  • A final(ish) gig report.

    A final(ish) gig report.

    On Friday I did, what will be, my last gig for probably the next 6 – 8 months. I’m taking a break while I get sorted in a new job and have also been struggling with my confidence to apply for gigs so it felt like a break might be good to reinvigorate me too.…

  • Gigs #20 & #21 – A tale of two gigs

    I’ve decided to roll gigs #20 & #21 together as they are good examples of how life doesn’t always work in your favour and sometimes you have to search for positives. Gig #20 was  a competition, my first, for Bottletop Comedian Of The Year, Heat One. The gig went really well, I had chance to…

  • Gig #15 – Vinyl, Liverpool (Compere)

    Usually when I have a gig in the evening I spend the entire day worried, feel sick and have the urge to flee, extremely quickly. So it works to my benefit not to know about a gig until late so when Binty let me cover him as compere for the Pros and Coms gig down…