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  • Fear Of Flying – 3

    Simon had never been a big fan of change. He liked the safety of knowing what was happening when, consistency and a  timetabling of his life that bordered on obsessive. He wouldn’t feel terrible if change occurred, it’s just he tended to shy away from it, someone who’d never throw away a sock with holes…

  • Perspective and Paper

    It’s been a while since I wrote a semi-philosophical self-indulgent blog so I thought that now (12.43am – I can’t sleep at the moment) would be as good a time as any to write some stuff down. There’s an inherent problem with blogs I think, they’re so very attention seeking and ego stroking (very similar…

  • Shared Houses

    Shared Houses

    I’m 26. Now when I became 26 i realised that it meant that I am, as my good friends kindly informed me “closing in on 30”, “life ends after 25” or as one more pessimistic friend, and I use the word friend conditionally said, “getting ready for death.” I’ve found it weird to be honest…