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  • Writing an Edinburgh Show (Part 1)

    Writing an Edinburgh Show (Part 1)

    I’ve been noticeably unproductive over the past 7 months, I think since I finished working on Gaffer and the uncertainty about my directing career and what to do next, so at Christmas I realised that I needed to jump back on the metaphorical horse. There’s a few play’s I’d love to direct but finances and finding…

  • Edinburgh 2014

    Edinburgh 2014

    This is my fourth year of coming up to Edinburgh and seeing shows and I’ve got in the habit of popping up little reviews and reporting on my time up here. It’s been a weird one, firstly I’m more a performer than in the past (although still just doing 2 shows) and secondly my taste…

  • Feeling Mello.

    Feeling Mello.

    I’m currently sat in Love Crumbs, (find it here…) a delightful cake shop in Edinburgh before toddling off to a wedding so, with 45 mins to kill, I thought I’d get some diabetes, caffeine and write a blog post.

  • An Edinburgh Hour…

    Last week I got a bad review. A very bad review. I know what you’re thinking, “I bet it wasn’t that bad“, “i bet you startled them with you linguistic ability, surprised them with wit and poignancy“, maybe, just maybe you’re thinking, “I bet he’s being modest and at worst it is a mixed review“.…