Review: On The Edge

For frequent readers of this blog (which mostly seems to be Unity Theatre staff and my sister… There will be a post about pizza at some point…) you’ll know I had a show on at The Lantern Theatre a few weeks ago! It was nice to see my work onstage with a fresh perspective! I also got a review…. Yes.. Fear.. Here it is in all it’s glory, do have a read!


On the Edge is a new work by writer Sam Freeman. A short, two-act  Pinter-style play featuring two unnamed protagonists with a dark nonchalance about their gruesome line of work, it featured Jonathan Roberts and Mike Wharton (top) as, presumably, hitmen. We start at the end and work backwards to establish who these people are, what they’ve done and why.

 A rather smart and wordy script seemed as if it threatened to overwhelm the actors on occasion – so things could have been snappier — but together the pair had a big likeability factor and enough charm about them to muddle through, and there were plenty of big, intentional laughs despite the macabre plot.

 All in all, these two works complemented each other nicely and made for a decent showcase for Grin Productions, introducing new shows that hopefully have bright futures.


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