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2023 Resolutions

Welcome back annual readers. Another year on the slow march towards our terminal decline. Another year where I check all the stuff I didn’t do in 2022 then make equally unrealistic plans for 2023.

I always start by evaluating my 2022 resolutions then move on to 2023 – enjoy x

2022 Resolutions

  1. Write a new show – I’ve started to write a new storytelling show, it’s about death and remembrance, but also about looking up every so often to see those around us. I’m in it as a character again, and it’ll again combine truth with fiction – I think it could be better that Every Little Hope – it’s less whimsical and romantic, but could be great.
    I’ve actually done this. It’s called Every Time I Close My Eyes All I See Is You and I think it’s as good as Every Little Hope, but a little more challenging to watch. I’m going to tour it in June.
  2. Perform a new version of Truth – So a bit of history first. Truth was a show that I made that was performed once and had real potential – it was funny, clever and silly. But I got burnt a bit, I did it once to an audience of 22, then the next two times I was due to perform, once no-one turned up and the other time the venue cancelled because, and I quote, “we’ve not moved the tables”. It’s probably more relevant than ever, and could, with a little work, be really good.
    Not done this at all. Fail.
  3. Stop apologising for creativity – You’ll notice from my first two resolutions that I’m a bit, well, confident. I’m going to try and say when I think something is good more. I don’t do it much and it’s counter-intuitive to everything I believe.
    Half point. I’ve done this less I think. I think I need to be less apologetic for my shows selling badly next.
  4. Design some signs for stand up and do a gig – This is an odd idea that I started sketching in my standup notepad (yes I still have one). I’ve not gigged for 2 years, and if I don’t do it in 2022 I probably never will again.
    Half a point. I did a few gigs and was okay at some of them. I’ve an idea for being good in 2023. The signs idea has probably gone.
  5. Grow Broad Beans – I love ’em. They’re easy and satisfying to grow, delicious and, crucially,. when you’d tonnes of them in early autumn, freezable.
    Fail. I’ve moved on from Broad Beans. I want pears now.
  6. Swim in the sea – I’d like to swim in the sea. I started swimming a few years ago to maintain my ripped physique* and really enjoy it. I saw someone swimming in the sea off Hoylake and thought I’d fancy doing that, maybe in West Wales, where the water is clear.
    Fail. It’s really cold. I am still ripped though.
  7. Cycle 100 miles in one go – I bought a bike in 2021 and formed a biker gang** – it was a liberating thing, and lots of fun going from coffee shop to coffee shop with an increasingly painful arse. The most I did in a day was around 30 miles.. It’d be good to try and do something epic.
    Fail. I did thirty five miles in one go and my arsehole felt on fire for the following week. This isn’t realistic without permanent arse damage.
  8. Visit friends – I’m crap at this. I’d like to see more people who I love. Paul & Fran, Dan, Maya & Ed, Hannah and Rob, Matt & Dom, Mirte, Izzy, Laura (x3), Chris, Brendan & Miriam, Annie, the list is long. Message me, give me dates, let’s meet up, get drunk etc…
    Half point. I visited a few people as a consequence of touring. But by no means everyone on this list!
  9. Write & record a song – I wrote a song in 2021 accidentally that was, okay. I think I probably have the ability to write one, good, if whimsical song about love.
    Yes. I have recorded a few songs. They’re on my laptop. No I won’t be sharing them.
  10. Join a political party – Probably the Lib Dems as everything I believe in matches them. Then again I look great in red. I don’t look good in blue*** so the Tories aren’t for me.
    Nah. Just can’t get my head into gear for doing this…

So 3.5 out of 10.. A fairly average year…

And now…

2023 Resolutions

  1. Tour Every Time I Close My Eyes All I See Is You to at least 5 venues.
    It’s my new show and I think it could be good. But I’m also aware it’s the least commercial thing I’ve written (which is saying something). I’m going to be approaching venues to have it for free in January, just so I get to perform it and it keeps me fresh for resolution #5.
  2. Perform a new version of the Truth show
    I STILL think that this show has massive potential but just needs someone to believe in it, most notably me. So I’m going to approach a gig I know and see if I can perform it as a one off at the end of a show. It’ll need a redesign and rewrite in part, but it could be superb…
  3. Write a book.
    This is the one people always say… I write a lot. Over 40,000 words every year comfortably. Mostly however it’s arts marketing blogs and shows. I’ve always resisted the “write a book” post because, well frankly, I didn’t have a strong idea. But I’ve got one now and also a real sense of voicing and tone. So I’ll have a go.
  4. Write few arts marketing blogs – max 1 every 3 months
    I’ve written one very good blog post this year and, well, a lot of filler. It’s problematic because I can see the number of people reading my blogs is deteriorating (apart from when it’s good). There’s an awful lot of shit being written about arts marketing that is either generic filler OR tediously unimaginative and saying nothing new. I don’t think my voice is adding anything other than noise to the void. So I’m going to write less, but write more strategically and, ideally, more interestingly.
  5. Write a new show for a massive tour in 2024.
    It’s called “We’re not getting a dog” and will be phenomenal. Sometimes you get the idea and your head just starts connecting the dots. This feels like it could be the thing I’ve been building towards. It’s funny, tender, has a clear sense of voice and tone, also I’ve got an idea for aesthetic and sound thread – I’ll be composing this one myself completely I think. Yep. This is it. I mean see the other one, but, yeah, this is what we’re building towards.