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A gig in Leeds to mostly silence

I’ve just got back from Leeds and, sat in bed, suddenly don’t feel at all tired so I thought I’d write a quick post (as it’s been a while..).

It was an interesting gig tonight, I’d done it before about 8 months previously and it’d been great, noisy, friendly and with a slight edge – the material had flowed nicely and the audience had got on board early. Tonight was equally interesting, it was incredibly quiet but not necessarily uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like I lost the audience at any point but instead that there was a sense of deflation and tiredness in the room and the energy levels were lacking a bit.

I did the standard storytelling set which is my fallback in many ways as I know it has never failed and thought the response was more muted than usual I felt, in the circumstances that it was a nice show. It is, however, all very safe, it’s incredibly predictable and planned and I’m feeling as though I’m avoiding risks when perhaps I should be taking more – that said I had a couple of friends in the audience so was quite keen not to look a dick. I’ve been contemplating how I mix up my material a bit more and have settled on the idea of writing something longer, structured more theatrically and not labelled as stand up. There’s a new storytelling night I’m at next week so I’ll see how that goes as a starting point.

In other news I have a new flat and finally passed my driving test so I can take stand up a bit more seriously, when I get a car, and insurance, and ability at driving.. So yep, avoid the roads.

Over the last 3 months I’ve felt a bit lost to be honest and now I guess it feels like my mojo is back a bit and I’m finding my feet. There’s other factors of course, which I won’t share on here, but in the next 6 months I want to get a clear direction in life and live a little closer to the wind.

That’s all for tonight – apologies it’s not a terribly funny blog post, but well, I have to turn off sometimes..

What a prick I sound.

Night xxx