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A prolonged silence…

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. It’s not that I haven’t tried, I have, god I’ve tried. I’ve pulled my laptop towards me in a semi-seductive manner and whispered into its USB port, “now… it’s blogging time.” . I’ve then switched on iplayer, just for a second, to check, well, check something and time has disappeared stolen away by repeats of Top Gear, Dad’s Army and Russell Brand on Question Time.

However I find myself with an hour or so to kill in central London on a blisteringly hot day, so have decided to make camp in a trendy bar, order a pint of coke (no ice, lots of lemon) and really knuckle down.

So, what’s been going on… Well the comedy has been going okay, I came runner-up (or second) in Hot Water’s New Comedian Of The Year competition which was nice, I’ve been compereing Pros & Coms down Lark Lane some more and am now booking it and Floating (my NHS show) has got Arts Council funding (hurrah!).

But I don’t really feel fulfilled at the moment, it’s weird, as if there is a gap, something missing from my life. I have an urge to go do something different but I’m not entirely sure what that is, while at the same time want to really see something through to glorious success (equally not really sure what).

I think it’s partly to do with inspiration. In my professional life (my personal life is going rather well, thanks for asking), I need to feel like I’m working for a cause, a cause with direction, where victory is achieveable, where as a team we can overcome anything, and, well, at the moment I don’t get that.

It’s not like I don’t have ideas, I have loads, I just don’t seem able to put any of them into action. Here’s a few below – if you fancy working with me on any of them then drop me a facebook message or comment below, I’d love to know what you think – or if you can get me motivated to do the damn thing.

  • 3 person semi-improvised farce of Sherlock Holmes – Imagine the stage version of The 39 Steps but with a more anarchic style – 1 actor playing Sherlock, 1 actor playing Watson and 1 actor playing every other character!!!
  • A stand up show called Five Letters From Afar – which is me doing some standup while also talking about identity, love, romance and loss. It’s classic stuff accompanied by a powerpoint… Check out part 1 & part 2.
  • A show about boxes, called, at the moment Boxes. It’s a play about discovering your father, dealing with loss and reconciliation… It’s about 50% written but it drew to a halt as I couldn’t find the right direction for it…
  • A music video of my song Uncle Knobhead. Yep. A music video.
  • A 2-hander about a man who is taken to a secret police station after re-tweeting that the government should be overthrown. It’s a very dark comedy. The man (loosely based on me) and a government agent who is pyschotic.
  • Coverting a theatre space into a mini festival venue, with grass, picnic blankets, pond, fluffy clouds, bunting (lots of bunting), a beer tent… But indoors, an antedote to Glastonbury…

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I’ve also started writing a book (fear of flying – the first 3 parts are on this blog – all very rough ideas). It’s hard to know what to do, sometimes your head is exploding with ideas and it can be overwhelming, to such an extent that all you can do it switch on iplayer and turn off..

T’ra for now.