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A Shambolic Introduction To Power Bi for Arts Marketing People

Hey there.

Look, I usually write really long blog posts, but recently a few people have messaged me asking how they get started in Power Bi and feeling a bit intimidated by it. I thought rather than write a post I’d record a shambolic video in the hottest room in my house for half an hour. It’s the best way of seeing how to do it in a really basic way and also seeing me get close to fainting (rather than open a window and let the sounds of my street in).

Worth saying up front – it’s a fake data set – also, I did practically no prep for this – I’ve watched it back and it’s fairly dry stuff. I didn’t put in jokes etc… Partly because there are very few (good) data analysis jokes, and secondly because it’s really warm in my office.

So yep, I hope this is handy, please leave a comment on this blog post or the video if it is.

Cheers, Sam

P.S. If you were hoping for news of my new show then here’s the update – the fucker is written, I’ll be editing it for the next two months then will make it properly with the intention to do a work-in-progress in October. At the moment I don’t have anywhere to do a work-in-progress show, so if you know or have a venue then please let me know. It’ll be good by then I should add, practically finished. So yep. Oh and it’s called “We’re Not Getting A Dog”.