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Cheese (part 1)

If you’ve not seen me recently you’ll not know that I’m eating a lot more cheese… Anyway, here’s my latest cheese ranking… Yep, cheese rankings. You’ve opened this page to read rankings of cheese…. On a serious note, I bet some of you buy the cheeses…


Belton Farm – Red Fox
A dark orange cheese with a rich flavour and a slight crunch. Not too expensive – its truly delicious… 8/10

Old Amsterdam
Yes, yes, yes. Slightly nutty, lovely, slightly creamy cheese. It tastes like licking a dutch person; nutty, creamy and lovely. 9/10

Norwegian Jarlsberg
This seems to taste and have the consistency of soft plastic. I’m really not a fan of this, it’s horrible, or great. Somehow I can’t stop eating the bastard stuff, I mean it’s awful. I think it’s because it was cheap, probably because it’s horrible.. But still… The Boris Johnson of cheese. 4/10?!?

Wensleydale and Apricots
Anyone who doesn’t like this cheese is a bad person. I mean actually they probably also hate children, puppies, kittens and joy. It’s lovely, sweet and fruity and with a lovely texture. This is the best cheese ever, perfect for any occasion: Christmas, Easter, Divorce, Funeral. Ace. 9.5/10!