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Arts Marketing: Come and work with me?

This is an unusual blog for me.

Usually I’m writing about arts marketing ideas I’ve had, or something to do with graphs & data, maybe even some ticketing type geekery.

This isn’t that. It’s a plea and sales pitch.

I’m looking for a Head Of Marketing to join our team at Theatr Clwyd, it’s an opportunity that I want to shout about for a few reasons.

Firstly I’m incredibly selfish and competitive – I want Clwyd to be the best, to achieve outrageous things and to be an exemplar of Arts Marketing practice in the UK – getting someone smart, driven and ambitious to support me and push me to be better is key to this.

Secondly we have a very strong marketing team at Clwyd – hard-working, dynamic, smart and ambitious – they absolutely deserve to have someone leading them who is kind and considerate* but will help them all achieve the amazing things that I know they will.

Finally, it’s an opportunity to work for a big organisation in a senior role, but with a safety net. The Head Of Marketing will be my deputy but will, more importantly, lead and have autonomy. I’ll be there when needed to support when needed – but this is a prime position for someone who wants to be the best at what they do and grow and learn on the job.

Of course you might not know Theatr Clwyd. You might be asking “when he says ‘big organisation’, what does he mean?”

Here’s the highlights:

  • It’s a producing house, we make 10+ shows a year. The quality is astounding.
  • We’re also a major receiving house on the small and mid scale. We rarely make poor choices.
  • We’re in a major £40m+ redevelopment that will make the best theatre in the UK/Europe. (Watch this video)
  • We have 3 theatre venues, 2 function spaces, a cinema (lovely), health & wellbeing suites, wellbeing gardens, cafes, young people’s rooms, all the practical making teams in house and a restaurant in our base in Mold.
  • We also run an 860 seat concert hall in Wrexham (home of Ryan Reynolds)
  • We also run the county music service (1k + music lessons each week)
  • We also have a huge outreach and education programme
  • We tour shows around the UK.

It’s massive.

But that’s not why you should take a job.
If size matters to you then you’re probably not right for this**.

What matters is the ambition we have. Our mission is to make the world a happier place one moment at a time. We want to be the best arts employer in the world. These are bold ambitions. We want someone who shares those ambitions and wants to be the best.

  • The art? It’s extraordinary.
  • The leadership? We have a new AD who will be astonishing and a CEO who is one of the smartest people I’ve met.
  • Your line manager? Will support you every step of the way***.

So there you go. It’s a great job. You’ll work with great people. It’ll be hard, let’s not kid ourselves, you’ll have tough days but also amazing days.

If you’re the right person then it might just change your life.

P.S. If you want a chat then message me on twitter (@mrfreeman1984) or LinkedIn. Or if chatting to me is potentially galling then Andrew in our team (msg me for deets) would love to talk to you****.

* To be clear, I’m not an oppressive leader. Probably
** Deliberate joke – laughed out loud when I wrote this.
*** This is me by the way. I’ll also occasionally disappear on tour every now and then and get excited about Power BI and behavioural economics.
**** I’ve just updated my website so don’t look around this site too much, there’s loads of typos and pages missing..