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Comedy Review: Dave Fulton

4 Stars

Edinburgh Festival 2011

In case you were wondering, yes, occasionally it is okay to share too much, but y’know what, sometimes that’s just what’s needed. After a day wandering the many hills of Edinburgh, the late show of the day, clocking in at 23:20, was American Dave Fulton with his show, Based On A True Story.

In the dark upstairs room of Stand 5, with 24 (i counted) others I had the pleasure of listening to the weathered Dave Fulton. He doesn’t so much take his time when moving to a punchline or running through a story, more he makes time pass like lightning in a seemingly slow and relaxed way. His show was an hour long and it felt like twenty minutes. His long stories are passed over in a friendly way, as if you’re sat in the pub next to him and he’s started telling you an anecdote about a hard but hilarious life.

He certainly has led a colourful life, from not so much experimenting but more fully accepting and seeking drugs to the creation of a peephole in a door using a handgun his stories are facinating, delving into a world most of us would never dream of, yet making you feel completely at ease with him as time passes and the punchline, when it comes, knocks you for six.





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