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Gig Report #1 – Tiger Lounge, Manchester

So I’ve started again.

I realised the other day that it’d been 12 months since I did a proper set, what with the excess MCing I’ve been up to, so I approached this gig at first with trepidation. I’ve put this as gig #1, in reality it’s probably gig #180ish, but it feels like I’m making a new start at stand up so hence the restarting of the numbering system. In reality though, the nerves weren’t really there, it was excitement and I felt mostly pretty at ease on stage.

The first time I did this I was, as a very new act, incredibly brutal, focused on my feelings lots and also, quite naturally had a complete lack of perspective. Every gig was life changing, a step down the road to going pro. Now I’m older, further along, my ambition as changed to not necessarily wanting to be a professional, but definitely wanting to be better than everyone else.

So the gig. It’s a lovely night run by Tuesday Tony with a huge amount of acts trying 5 min slots. I was in a section on my own as a “musical interlude” which either helped or hindered, it’s hard to tell, most likely made little difference. It was a mixed audience, one table quite hard work and then well supported by surrounding tables. Probably about 25 in.

I did a musical set and learned one thing straight away – keyboards (and associated kit) are heavy. I totted up the weight of kit and with cables, spares, stands etc it comes in around 30kg. My back now kills and I think I’ve pulled a tendon in my knee.

Lesson 1 – get a lightweight, fold-able keyboard stand.

The opening was pretty weak, I tried to do the clubland (“are you ready to rock”) and it didn’t really work. However when I improvised at the start around the audience I got them on board really quickly. It plays to my strengths of MCing and also being able to listen, assess and then improvise something short and sweet quickly.

Lesson 2 – improv song at the start is a good place to go from

The Bestiality song, needs to be 2 lines and that’s it – any more labours the point and actually it’s punchier and means I can talk nicely and get to know the front row. I followed this with the Racism song. This was far too early for this, it needs something bigger before it as it’s very quiet and reserved. The racism song works, needs more context to tie it together and make people listen – maybe i need to talk about me and breadmaking? It needs to be more delicate to really find the contrast in the songs otherwise they can meld together.

I followed this with I Love You (Like I Love Creme Eggs). Generally was okay, playing the pauses for people to have the gross out moment works well – didn’t play the last verse which is a shame as it ties it together. Ended with the new Wedding Song which worked beyond my expectations, not really a closing number but a solid middle item I suspect. The context again needs fixing, I forgot the accompanying material which was fine but it’s important to have it so that I’m heading in the direction of comedian who does music, rather than musical comedian.

I need to work out how to structure the songs so that there’s a flow and so I can be responsive in the moment. Tricky while I’m still learning them. I think I need them printed on card rather than in a notebook so I can play with the order as I go.

Lesson 3 – print out set on carboard.

All in all, fun and useful.

Gig rating: 7/10 – fun for trying new bits
My Performance: 6/10 – hit and miss but done with gusto