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I’m touring a show that’s good.

As many of you will know I wrote a new storytelling show last year called Every Little Hope You Ever Dreamed (But Didn’t Want To Mention). It did an R&D in January for a week at Theatr Clwyd and then did three performances in late July (also at Theatr Clwyd) which went pretty well*.

So I’ve decided to tour the show in the Spring 2022 (or if anyone wants it before that then possibly before that) and so have made a bit of a tour pack (below) to hawk around the place.

Now. I’m conscious that over the past 10 years of writing largely hilarious arts marketing blogs or blogs about stand up gigs where I’ve started questioning the meaning of life that my readership is, in all probability, likely to be more interested in my thoughts on using pivot tables than perhaps the Richard Curtis-esque storytelling show I made. Or, at the very least, hopeful that this post will contain a long-running orange-based reference**.

But I’m also conscious that a fair few will work in venues so might be able to gently pass a tour pack to your programming team or artistic leadership. I’m also conscious that a fair few will just be intrigued and want to see what this thing is.

So, it’s here (click to read).

I’ve, so far, e-mailed 8 out of the 94 venues on my contact list so, it’s started – maybe see you on the other side***?

*Much better than that actually. I’m being a bit modest. It was good.
**This is for the really keen readers – see “segmentation”
***I wrote this and it makes it sound like I’ve died. I haven’t, what I mean is, after I’ve sent the remaining 86 e-mails and, hopefully, got a small tour booked.