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Nothing to do with Arts Marketing.

Astute regular readers of this blog will have noticed that, well, there’s been nothing regular about this blog for a while now. There’s a few reasons but most notably it’s this – I’m doing a show.

This is the flyer front – not the image at the top. Obviously you need an image for some things so yeah..

Now straight away I can sense a bit of tension, “doing a show” you ask, “what does he mean doing a show?“. Well it’s this. Around 2 years ago I had an idea for a show, but rather than write it I ruminated and also wrote a lot of blog posts about Arts Marketing. Then Covid happened and I became one of those annoying pricks who decided to do something with the complete absence of social life (I should add, pre-Covid it’s not like I was out much/at all).

So I wrote this show – I’m “performing” it and it won’t be shit.

It’s a storytelling show about love. That’s all I’m willing to tell you – that said there’s a possibility you may have seen bits of it online, or been one of the utter legends who were encouraging me to actually do it after reading it.

It’ll be at Theatr Clwyd at the end of July, tickets are £6 and you can book by clicking here. If £6 is too much then let me know and I’ll sort you out a free ticket – oh and all the money goes to Theatr Clwyd so if the idea of putting quids in my pockets is putting you off coming then not to worry.

Suffice to say I’m bricking it. There’s a degree of pressure and arrogance that comes with writing, directing, designing, AV designing, sound designing and performing in your own show. Either that or actually I just wanted to make a show my way and this is how I happen to do it.

I realised talking to a mate of mine a while ago (Paul Butler), that I’ve been rather a disappointment creatively speaking – I’ve done stuff, it’s always been good and solid, but I’ve never taken that next step. I realised there’s a fear factor with being creative when you’ve spend a chunk of your professional career on the other side of the aisle. I think there are moments when things don’t work out, or where doors close around you and you can lose faith a bit – creatively speaking. Sometimes, I think now, you just need to make your own door.

So yep. A show – tickets are here, please share this about a bit.

Cheers, Sam