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Rain, driving and hills

Today was an odd day with a smattering of driving pain, driving in rain, new dawns and sunrises. It was my first post interview visit to my new employers in North Wales, a pre visit before I start properly in Wales. I was at Unity in the morning sorting some brochure odds and ends before driving over. I realise now that I’ve learnt the following things.

  1. It’s faster to get the bus into Liverpool city centre than drive and parking.
  2. £4.50 for parking is an obscene amount…
  3. …especially when you don’t have the correct coins and the machine doesn’t give change.
  4. Stalling at traffic lights in rush hour doesn’t endear you to your fellow drivers.
  5. Nor does stalling again 30 seconds later in front of the same driver as before.
  6. The third time is when they think you’re taking the piss

IMG_20160329_184938So I drove over to Wales and the icy rain started to fall, literally rain with ice, as if rain alone wasn’t quite hardcore enough. It was with a little trepidation. When you start a new job you’re entering the unknown – what if they hate you, what if it’s awful, will it ever stop raining?!?

I can happily report that I had a lovely time. The building is immense, I’ve never walked round a place for 35 mins and then discover a cinema, or a cafe or a subterranean tunnel. I can also report that the bakewell tart is excellent and served at a size which promises diabetes, there is a great pub next door (from where I’m writing this), incredibly friendly staff, offices with space (a foreign concept to me as I’m used to working in a cupboard) and some incredibly exciting plans.

The wind howled, rain poured and then as I finished the sun came out and revealed the view that’d been disguised by heavy set rainclouds.