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Resolutions 2014

250px-Kop_and_mainstandI’m not a big fan of the whole New Year’s celebration and, in particular the resolutions that accompany them. After all it is a somewhat arbitrary date from which to enact change. I’m a particular fan of smokers who decide to quit in the New Year. This is usually in November, they’ll walk up, tell the world that they’re giving up before heading outside for a quick puff. Why not earlier? Maybe they’ve decided that they want to cut down life expectancy by that extra few days before the bitter end.

Anyway, despite my dislike for this practice I am a regular participant, annually writing down a list of things to do over the following year. In the past few year’s it’s led to me doing standup, cooking roast chicken, giving a good friend food poisoning, going to the gym ten times, purchasing prostitute killing fun factory GTA V and updating this blog so it looks prettier.

So here are 2014’s offerings:

  1. Perform 60 gigs this year
  2. Perform at Edinburgh Festival (at least once)
  3. Write a new play, that’s not utter shit and has some intrinsic value to society rather than the usual shit.
  4. Run a half marathon (this is on every year…)
  5. Produce 10 podcasts
  6. Make a short 3 min film
  7. Write 10 comedy songs that aren’t about Pandas or any other endangered species
  8. Have a shopping trip for the food bank
  9. Write a half hour long storytelling set
  10. Learn to drive a car
  11. Go see Tranmere play
  12. Direct a football related play… ahem..
  13. Go to the National Theatre
  14. Get paid for doing some freelance marketing
  15. Take Louise out for dinner at Pushka

Take that year!