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Resolutions 2015

I could never quite make my mind up if resolutions are a brilliant idea or a terrible idea. On the one hand they can motivate behaviour, change and achievement, but then at the same time they can also be monumentally depressing when, at 2am on Jan 1st you find you’ve already broken four of your resolutions and the fifth (not being sick after a night out) is a mere 6 hours from catastrophic failure and a sore throat.

Anyway, so about six years ago after years of making vague, vastly unachieveable resolutions I decided to change it around from things I’ll no longer do to making a yearly bucket list of things I’d like to achieve. Over the past years it’s included “do standup once”, “go to Edinburgh Festival” and “go the gym every week”. Clearly the last one of those was never going to happen. It means that at the end of the year, however I’m feeling, I can look back and see that I’ve achieved, something. Which is good.

Last year’s resolutions are below with their end result and then below that 2015’s resolutions… Enjoy x


  1. Perform 60 gigs this year – Failed (took 4 months out to direct which meant I fell behind)
  2. Perform at Edinburgh Festival (at least once) DONE!
  3. Write a new play, that’s not utter shit and has some intrinsic value to society rather than the usual shit. Failed
  4. Run a half marathon (this is on every year…) Failed
  5. Produce 10 podcasts Failed
  6. Make a short 3 min film Failed
  7. Write 10 comedy songs that aren’t about Pandas or any other endangered species DONE!
  8. Have a shopping trip for the food bank Failed
  9. Write a half hour long storytelling set DONE! (Thank’s Keifer for letting me try it out!)
  10. Learn to drive a car DONE!!!
  11. Go see Tranmere play DONE! (We got relegated)
  12. Direct a football related play… ahem.. DONE!
  13. Go to the National Theatre Failed
  14. Get paid for doing some freelance marketing Failed 
  15. Take Louise out for dinner at Pushka DONE!

So that gave 2014 a score of 7 out of 15!

And now to 2015’s resolutions!

  1. Perform at least 36 stand up gigs
  2. Perform at least 4 storytelling gigs
  3. Write and perform a 1 hour storytelling/comedy/theatre show
  4. Buy a car and drive to gigs
  5. Direct 2 x Edinburgh Comedy Shows (Mike & Alastair)
  6. Run a half marathon (this is in every year and fails epically every year on account of my knee being screwed so I can’t actually run more than a mile…but still, it’s a tradition)
  7. Go on a relaxing holiday abroad somewhere
  8. Have a shopping trip for the foodbank
  9. Write 10 new comedy songs
  10. Record a musical comedy album and put it on sale to the derision and mirth of my peers and achieve huge sales in a song about a) fingering, b) pandas or c) willys.

If you’d  like to help me with any resolutions (or you’d like me to help you with any then please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Cheerio, now back to my new year hangover (which is mild compared to Lou’s!)