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The Failed Writer – Preface

The preface of any book is usually written after the book has been completed. It’s the section where the author thanks his loyal audience for purchasing this “essential read” and for embarking upon an “emotional rollercoaster” with this the sole occuping project that has filled their lives for the previous few years. They also usually thank friends and families for their patience, implying that as they were preparing this masterpiece they had become the most hideous people, causing social carnage with their artistic frustration and laying siege against the gates of completion before storming the castle and getting, humbly, to this point of publication.

I’m writing this for a somewhat different reason and before even starting writing anything. For the past few years I found myself somewhat directionless, lacking motivation and a reason or objective that was artistic and I could really cling to. I have always wanted to be a writer, a playwright to be precise but in recent years I’ve struggled to get past the first play onto the difficult second album. It became a running joke, and not a joke I took against as it was firmly rooted in reality, that of my group of friends I was the failed writer, plenty of potential, close to fulfilling it once, but had ultimately allowed it to drain away leaving only fond memories to be enjoyed over a cup of tea with friends.

So I decided to make notes about my voyage to pull away from the brink of oblivion and try and move in a more positive direction, get some artistic juices flowing (honestly, that just sounds dodgy doesn’t it?) and keep a diary of my attempt to achieve fame and fortune and move from failed writer to, well, something better.

My aim, is to write 16 chapters of 5500 words each (a grand total of  88,000 words) and when completed to self publish five copies – not a hugely commercial aim, granted, but one laced with difficulty, most notably the idea of writing 88,000 words. Decent words as well, with values, leftist beliefs and liberal notions.

So here goes, enjoy this “essential read” that’s sure to take you on an “emotional rollercoaster”.