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The Show Calculator: Part 2

We had an interesting conversation a few months ago at work about our Christmas show – I realised that our methods of estimating income and budgeting costs were a bit vague, it wasn’t really based on anything other than assumptions. Anyway, this led me to look at how we can budget effectively for our Christmas show.

We had a  few requirements:

  • Must be able to deal with different performance price bands (but not venue price plans – we’re an unreserved studio theatre)
  • Must instantly calculate variations of when performances are programmed
  • Must allow us to accurately estimate ticket yield
  • Should show weekly wages of actors
  • Needs to be able to work out costs for both a pre-written (%) script but all a commissioned piece (fee).

So this is what I came up with. The rules are you can type in the green areas. In the lists area on page 1 simply put how many performances you want on each day…

Is this something that would be useful for people?
What else would the hard-core version need to include?
Do people have a version of this already?

Get playing and commenting folks!

Download here: The Show Calculator Web