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Tour Blog – Part 2 (Harrogate Theatre)

Audience: 15 (sold 21)

Technical: Ludicrously easy set up – Harrogate’s staff were outstanding – the show is dead simple, but it was just a nice easy enjoyable process. The venue was a pop up space, so it means you can be much more simple that I think I’d imagined and still get a nice atmosphere.

Marketing: Again tough. I think I can safely say that, outside a very brilliant group of friends and family supporting me, audiences are hard to get. I suspect because it’s hard to know what the show is – it’s not stand up or drama… I’ve been doing some A/B testing with imagery and so far it’s inconclusive other than to say I am not popular. I wonder whether price is an issue – it’s a high risk proposition, so maybe £5 or PWYW is better? Hard to know.

Pre-Show: Was okay. I didn’t get to do a proper warmup as people arrived and chatted, but it put me at ease so maybe that’s okay. My anxiety was okay I think..

The Show: The first half was the best I’ve done it – I stumbled over the second half a bit – I lost focus halfway through – not catastrophically, but enough for me to realise that my enunciation and timing was a bit out.

Post Show: Absolutely nailed the get out – the key is to disassemble everything and THEN to put it in the right boxes. It was easy and I could chat while doing it.

Rating Out Of 10: 8

Nice Feedback:
“[while shaking my hand] That was brilliant, but I need a wee”
“That @MrFreeman1984 show is a thing of beauty! Be sure to catch him on tour! Thanks @coldbathbrewco for hosting @HGtheatre tonight ?”

Final Thought: I know a few people reading this will look at the audience numbers and feel sorry for me. I don’t see it like that – I see it as a much more personal and nicer experience – also I remember seeing Mark Watson’s tour figures from his first tour that went to Unity Theatre years ago and he sold 7. So in my mind, this is my first thing with me in it – 7 in the audience is par, 15 in the audience (with 21 sold) is 8 under.