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Tour Blog – Part 6 (Aberystwyth)

Audience: 8

Technical: Paul the technician was great. By far the best dressed technician I’ve ever seen. Black shirt, black braces, black hat – far too stylish. Easy get in, a bit of a school hall-feel venue but it was quite nice when we’d played with it and for the first time performing with cabaret tables.

Marketing: Again hard and again it didn’t matter as the audience was lovely. I’m increasingly of the belief that the quality of the audience is the inverse of the amount of audience – so far this has been true – the smaller the audience the better it has been and the better I have been.

Pre-Show: Made a rookie error and ate a stack of 5 pancakes for lunch. Massive bloat, followed by a massive crash – a reminder that my pre-match ritual of a pasta pot from tesco is there for a reason… BUT I took some rennies and then was fine, so maybe junk food is fine?

The Show: The best performance I’ve done – one tiny mistake in scene 4 but I’d moved on from it by the next morning so relatively successful.

Post Show: 18 minute get out. 4 minutes longer than at Wolverhampton but with one less technician. Also doing a get out while also looking stylish (not me) adds on 2 minutes. Worth it.

Rating Out Of 10: 9. Loved it.

Nice Feedback:
A brilliant performance from a true artist..”
“wanted to say how much we enjoyed your show in Aber tonight. Well worth the long drive. We thought it was moving, funny and technically really well put together too. Thanks for the lovely evening and look forward to the next show!”
“Thank you for an absolutely delightful evening”

Final Thought: Touring on your own is a little bit grim. There is no romance in eating a medium ham & pineapple pizza in your hotel room alone at 11pm.

P.S. The picture is from Aber where my favourite TV show Hinterland is set. This is the police station in the show. As I took this picture someone walked past over the road, shaking their head and mouthing the word “knob”. So. Dignified.

P.P.S. I’m not in Brecon tomorrow. Long/Short story. Next gig is now Huddersfield.