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Tour Blog – Part 9 (Wigan)

Audience: 9

Technical: Really great – a very different space to all the others with a high stage – a little adjustment to the show layout and how it works was required. It’s a challenging space to do lighting in because of where the bars are, but Matt did a really great job!

Marketing: Hard again. I think continuing of the theme in previous blogs. Suffice to say I’m writing a fairly chunky blog post, currently titled “Tour Autopsy: Brutal Thoughts On Touring Small Scale Unpopular Theatre”. I genuinely think the artist has more responsibility to think about audience in relation to the show and it’s title and content – something I didn’t do and I think it’s something I’ll think about more next time (if there is a next time).

Pre-Show: Lovely. I will say that it was hard to find a supermarket so had to have a Subway.

The Show: Stumbled on a few bits that I’ve never stumbled on before, and the music track was set too loud to start with but was easily fixed. Probably one of my better show, I found a bit more nuance and let the mic do the work more. The show flies by now – it’s 76 mins, but feels like 25 mins on stage (and 102 mins if you’re in the audience).

Post Show: 20 minute get out that was lovely. Drove up to Lancaster straight after the show – getting from Wigan to the M6 is a pain in the arse and then the drive up is fairly dull. Staying in a lovely hotel though and I’ve already eaten all the biscuits.

Rating Out Of 10: 9. I had such a lovely time at the venue – genuinely some of the most lovely, kind and supportive people I’ve come across. Special shout out to Kenny and the lady from the Cafe who I had lovely chats with and made me feels so incredibly welcome.

Nice Feedback:
“Really heartwarming. Smiling all the way home

Final Thought: After having a couple of harder gigs it was nice to have a really great one. I am extremely tired though. Turns out touring & performing isn’t the jolly I was led to believe.