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What next…

So that’s it, the show’s over, the responses are in, the reviews are slowly circulating and it’s back to reality… Floating was good fun to do, we got some great reactions, a couple of nurses (who I don’t know!) posted comments on the page and Unity Theatre’s wall:

“absolutely stunning show tonight. It was strange as a nurse of 40 years to see myself mirrored on the stage. I guess every nurse in the country not just those in ITU / HDU would see their own reflection on that stage. Sometimes we cannot express the anger, love, loathing & compassion that go with caring for people so when someone can it comes as a shock. Well done Susannah & Sam Freeman – a stellar performance of a stellar work.”


“I’m more of a Double Decker NHS worker myself…. Great performance tonight Suzannah 🙂 I also think a lot of the things that you mentioned tonight… You guys really hit the nail on the head with the way you feel about some patients when working in the hospital. If only loads of “yet to be patients” saw your show… Maybe they would appreciate staff more! :-)”

We also got, at the time of writing, a terrific review from Click Liverpool (I’d link to it but their website seems to be on the blink), which is a great feeling and very positive for the show.

The thing is, I find myself in a similar position to when I made Revenge, having created what seems to be a very good piece of work there being a need to create the next project… And that was the 1st question I was asked after the plaudits (which i never believe… so cynical), what’s next… So here’s a couple of projects I’m thinking about, comment below and let me know which you think I should do:

1# A storytelling piece about a guy about to commit suicide, with influences from the 1980s, George Orwell, School days and Big Brother. A love story, quite funny with a dark ending..

2# A one-man show about cricket.. I’ve been pondering this for a while, but have never quite got round to it. It might be 2 shows in one night, perhaps one about cricket and one about football, both 40 mins, but linked cleverly, it’d be a comedy, probably about urban regeneration and the loss of green fields and cricket grounds…

3# A play about dealing with cancer, but a comedy, albeit a tragic comedy, three actors, 2 acts, the first act is a farce and the second a black comedy, about friendship deep down…

4# A standup set about relationships, sexual failure and identity. Focusing around having moments of not really knowing what I stand for… If anything…. And whether that’s ultimately okay…

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