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How To Annoy Everyone In Arts Marketing (or, Arts Marketing’s Technical Problem)

I got back from this year’s Arts Marketing Association conference feeling quite pleased with myself – this is unusual – usually I return with feelings of inadequacy or guilt, and/or the feeling that tweeting at post 11pm, half-cut on cheap white wine “My Harsh Opinions About Everything People Are Doing Wrong” wasn’t, after all, such […]

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The lost art of motivation

***some ramblings *** I’ve hit somewhat of a roadblock of late in my quest to be universally loved as a comedian and merchant of mirth. (Come on now, you have to admire that as a sentence right? It’s fuckin horrendously crap, anyway, back to roadblocks). I say “of late” quite loosely as, realistically, it’s been […]

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I’m not a big fan of the whole New Year’s celebration and, in particular the resolutions that accompany them. After all it is a somewhat arbitrary date from which to enact change. I’m a particular fan of smokers who decide to quit in the New Year. This is usually in November, they’ll walk up, tell […]

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