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Back to rehearsals…

We’re back in rehearsals for Floating this time down in London and we’ve had the first day of rehearsals. It’s great being back in the space, exploring the text and still finding new things to experiment with and push the play onwards finding variations of different scenes to find the best resolutions, the most honest portrayal also also a bit of drama too.

One of the problems with rehearsing such a serious piece of drama rather than a comedy is that it can feel intense and overwhelming at points – it’s not laugh a minute. However it’s important to find those lighter moments to give the play balance  and allow the audience some relief, a breathing point, when people can collect themselves and build up into the next section.

Susie has been researching extensively, gaining knowledge of everything she’s talking about onstage, she talks about sputum, cathotors and bed sores, and lo, pages upon pages of images of all three, pages of procedure and information and the accompany cries of shock and in some cases awe.

When it’s just two people rehearsing you can lose track of time and one of the refreshing things about working on the script has been how easily the time has passed. We ran the first section of the show today with sound effects and I fully expected it to last 15 minutes – thus there was shock when after about 4 minutes the section concluded. Or at least it felt like 4 minutes, in fact nearly 20 had passed. It’s a great feeling.

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  1. Tony Avatar

    I do hope you can do this beyond Liverpool so I can see it!