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Standing Up

For those who are regular followers of my blog you’ll know that I’m a wreckless self-publicist constantly inundating unsuspecting facebook friends and twitter fans with my inanely soul destroying posts. However those extremely observant will have noticed that I’m being a bit selective with what I’m posting at the moment.

A year ago I went to Edinburgh Fringe with my friend Chris McGraw and came back promising that I’d try doing some stand up and then failed completely in doing anything about it. However after this year’s fringe I gained some balls and signed up to a comedy course. Yep. A comedy course. So this both scares the shit out of me and quite excites me.

This evening I’ve been writing a short 5 minute test set (a set I can’t get down from 11 minutes at the moment) and it’s been weird to do it. I’ve discovered I can’t write material but have to improvise it, record it, listen to it and then repeat. I’ve gone from a first draft which was awful to something that was much smoother in three takes. I’ve also discovered that I change my set everytime I run it, but self moderate and redevelop new bits… I stand in my room talking into a mic pretending my bed is my audience… It’s weird.

I’ve got to perform a bit tomorrow night at class so we’ll see how it goes!





One response to “Standing Up”

  1. Brendan Avatar

    Well Sammy Sam Sam. I look forward to seeing your first set very soon! If i recognise myself I want paying off for use of my image.