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The Great British Bake Off

What is wrong with me? I mean seriously, what has become of my life? It used to be so simple, things were easy, I knew my place, I knew what to expect, I was a typical man, football on TV, a pint at the weekend, steak on a tuesday, fish and chips on a thursday, pizza every other day…

But things have changed, now I find myself obsessed every Tuesday, my life has changed, now all I think about is soggy bottoms, puddings, pies and macaroons… Yes, I’m addicted to The Great British Bake Off.

It’s  better than football, it’s better than the X Factor, it’s arguably better than porn. There is a theatricality about it, the creation of edible works of art. There are the stories, the loveable stressed housewives, the quirky doctor with weird jumpers, the weirdly attractive one with OCD tendancies, all overseen by the silverfox and queen of cakes.

The signature bake makes me hungry after about 3 minutes, the technical challenge has me shouting at the screen, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”, I yell at the screen despite having no knowledge of baking, and then the showstopper where I find myself excited and desperate to run through the GBBO marquee biting into all of them. Then there are the beautiful moments when Paul Hollywood (Silver Fox) and Mary Berry (God)  disagree, it’s how i’d imagine a mother would berate a son who’s gone from apprentice to master without anyone necessarily agreeing.

It’s changed me, I think it’s mellowed me, it’s also encouraging me to get fatter…

It’s a bake off world!








2 responses to “The Great British Bake Off”

  1. Greg Avatar

    I was listening to Mr Hollywood on the radio last night talking about the grand final. Baking was described as the new rock ‘n’ roll 🙂

    1. Sam Freeman Avatar
      Sam Freeman

      I think it may be true….