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Who would like to see me in the summer…

Hi. This is an odd blog post. Essentially I have a week, 16th – 23rd August where I have a week off and no plans (Louise is away on holiday with her parents). SO I had a couple of options. The first was go travelling for a week, but that seemed like it might be quite lonely and the second was use my new car and visit people I’ve not seen for ages.

At the moment my schedule looks like this:

  • Sun 16
  • Mon 17 –
  • Tue 18 – Scarborough to see Matt Thompson
  • Wed 19
  • Thu 20
  • Fri 21
  • Sat 22
  • Sun 23

Obviously I’m leaving from Liverpool and need to end up back in Liverpool and like any great tour I’d prefer not to travel for 10 hours between destinations!

So, would you like to catch up for an evening, maybe 2? Yes? Leave me a message below (best dates and where you are!) and let’s see if I can add you to my grand tour!

Love, Sam





2 responses to “Who would like to see me in the summer…”

  1. Sarah Freeman Avatar
    Sarah Freeman

    Hi Sam, I’m sure Auntie Sarah, Uncle Paul and cousins are very low down on your holiday wish list, but.. if you’re near leeds it would be lovely to see you.

  2. Karen Burborough Avatar
    Karen Burborough

    Monday or Wednesday evening are probably best for me.