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Tour Blog – Part 10 (Lancaster)

Audience: 32 (ish)

Technical: Really great – I had the brilliant Jos (closely supervised by the amazing Katy) doing his first ever “looking after a show solo” – he did an admirable job – professional, helpful and good humoured – as good as all the other technical staff who’ve looked after me throughout the tour.

Marketing: Dukes went above and beyond. They hammered the show, tweeted and fired info out and generally did a really great job at promoting the show. I’m so grateful to Jay and his team – top job selling a hard sell.

Pre-Show: Weirdly nervous. I was a bit anxious with it being the LAST EVER SHOW. 3 small wees and one wee that lasted about 7 minutes. So. Much. Wee. Basically what I’ve learnt from doing this show is that the pre-show regime of the performer is basically anxious pissing for an hour while making odd noises and humming. #Acting.

The Show: Nailed it. I mean it was the best performance i’ve ever done – everything was on the button, it was controlled, nuanced and paced. The audience was a little quiet but still very lovely. I find myself drawn to the faces of people I think mightn’t be enjoying it, and while there were one or two I suspect were a little confused as to why I was reading and what this was, overall I was happy.

Post Show: Lovely painless get out followed by a 2hr 20min drive home. I am genuinely drained right now. Doing everything is a bit much. Oh and my back hurts. But yes, it feels like a relief and a weight is lifted.

Rating Out Of 10: 8. A lovely day and a fitting end to my first ever tour as a performer.

Nice Feedback:
“It would be a terrible shame if tonight @TheDukesTheatre was the last outing for @MrFreeman1984 #EveryLittleHopeYouEverDreamed…what a delicious tender & funny treat (obvs title too long for Twitter as well as the south !) Without the graphs possible @BBCRadioDrama Fly Well ??

Final Thought: The next show title will be one of three options (two different shows btw)… Please let me know which sounds the most intriguing…
#1 – Every Time I Close My Eyes (All I See Is You)
#2 – Truth and the problems in putting up homemade signs.