Author: Sam Freeman

A new show for 2021

I’m currently having a week off from my “proper job” of Arts Marketing after a Christmas doing online support for digital shows. The online support was eye-opening, I don’t think I’ll get annoyed with people replying slowly over support when I need help ever again, I mean, don’t get me wrong 99.9% of the people […]

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Resolutions 2020

It’s that time again, when everyone insists they’re becoming vegan, joining the gym and never drinking again shortly before, two weeks later, walking home from a nightclub, pissed and off your face, clutching a lamb kebab after calling someone at the bar a “gym wanker” because they said you had no will power. Long-term readers […]

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Thank You For Your Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for getting in touch to tell me how outraged/disappointed/angered (delete as applicable) you are because we no longer offer [insert complaint here] any more – I understand how frustrated you must be and I’m glad you’ve got in touch with me, a “moron/so-called expert/failure of a manger/incompetent pen-pusher” (delete as applicable) to inform […]

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